DP209 – Premium C/S Drive

DP209 – Premium C/S Drive

Truck Bus Radial Truck Bus Radial


Premium Closed Shoulder Drive

Wear Life

Quiet Ride

Wet Peformance

Fuel Efficiency

• Excellent grip and traction performance
• Low rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption
• Excellent water drainage

Synergy MTR Tire Limited Warranty

This tire is protected by the Synergy MTR Tire Limited Warranty which covers against defect in material and workmanship for the life of the tire”. Click here for details.

Item No. Size Pattern SW (in.) OD (in.) Ship Weight (lbs)
SY211211R22.5 14PR144/14210.9841.5125.66
SY211311R22.5 16PR146/14310.9841.5125.66
SY211411R24.5 14PR146/14310.9843.5136.47
SY211511R24.5 16PR149/14610.9843.5136.47
SY2116295/75R22.5 14PR144/14111.7339.9123.9
SY2118285/75R24.5 14PR144/14111.1441.3131.62